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Thermofoil Kitchen Cabinet

Apart from offering a high-gloss finish to the kitchen, the Thermofoil cabinets are also known for the exotic wood grain looks, euro-flair, and the clean urbane living. Besides, this type of kitchen cabinet also offers a highly distinctive yet warm look to the kitchen. The Theromofoil kitchen cabinets are prepared by heating vinyl and then molding the material over MDF. Therefore, these cabinets are available in different patterns and shapes. Besides, these cabinets also come with a homogeneous substrate. This makes this material durable than enamel and this also appeals to the homeowners, who are concerned about cleaning the cabinet fronts.

Why choose Thermofoil kitchen cabinets?

The best thing about the Thermofoil kitchen cabinet is that it offers the kitchen a clean and bright appearance of the freshly painted cabinets without offering any brush strokes. As Thermofoil perfectly adheres to almost any material, therefore the homeowners can opt for Thermofoil cabinets to give their kitchen a completely new look and feel. Another great thing about this kitchen cabinet type is that it is really affordable as well as this type of kitchen cabinet also comes with low maintenance and easy care method. Last but not least, it is also really easy to clean.

Thermofoil Kitchen Cabinets Door

Thermofoil kitchen cabinets tend to be medium-priced making them an appealing choice for individuals wishing to renovate their kitchens on a budget. Thermofoil Kitchen Cabinets On Specific Cabinet Door StyleTo Fit Your Badget. Thermofoil is an attractive alternative to paint for areas that require exceptional durability and moisture resistance. Thermofoil is a versatile and durable polymer that is permanently and seamlessly fused to a carved door. 

Reasons to choose Toronto Kitchen Cabinet:

At Toronto Kitchen Cabinet, apart from offering the kitchen cabinets in white and off-white shades, we also offer these cabinets in a range of colors and finishes. Besides, the expert designers of our company also use Thermofoil in designing existing kitchen cabinets as the refreshing technique.