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Solid Wood Raised Panel

Selecting the right solid wood raised panel kitchen cabinet for your kitchen can add a great level of elegance and style to the home. The raised panel kitchen cabinets are also capable of offering a traditional and distinctive aesthetic to the kitchen as here the center part of the cabinet is raised and styled to modify the overall appearance and the profile of the cabinet. The best thing about the kitchen cabinets with raised panels is that this can offer both a timeless and traditional look to the kitchen.


Important features of raised panel kitchen cabinets:

In case of raised panel cabinets, there are raised center portions that can be left or contoured for obtaining a striking style. Besides, these cabinets come with a decorative panel either inserted into the door frame or routed into the door panel. This way, this type of cabinet changes the look and feel of the cabinetry. The best thing about this cabinet is that here the door framing, as well as the drawer front can be of any style literally.

Why choose Toronto Kitchen Cabinet?

The raised panel kitchen cabinets that we offer at Toronto Kitchen Cabinet can be really decorative by using trim and moldings. Besides, we offer this type of kitchen cabinet in various types of wood where the cost ranges from high end to very economical. This feature makes it ideal for country, traditional, vintage, formal or Mediterranean kitchen styles. Panel edges of this cabinet may include simpler beveling or sometimes can be of more elaborate or complex.