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Thermofoil Doors

Thermofoil, which is also known as RTF or Rigid Thermal Foil includes durable vinyl. Therefore, these doors look quite similar to the finished cabinet doors. And these doors also really durable, clean and maintain the colors for a really long time. The best thing about the Thermofoil doors is that these are available almost in every style like as the wooden doors. Besides, the Thermofoil doors can be custom-built to make sure that the users only get the perfect fit.

Best things about Thermofoil kitchen cabinet doors:

1. Thermofoil cabinet doors resist chipping in a better manner than the painted surfaces.
2. These doors are available in different looks including imitation wood grain or solid grains.
3. Apart from being really durable, these doors are also really easy to clean, highly resistant to moisture and also cost-effective
4. Thermofoil cabinet doors are of low maintenance, which offer the look and feel of painted cabinets without causing any inconvenience of painting those doors constantly.
5. Being made of MDF covered with a thin coating of heat-fused laminate or vinyl, these doors create a smooth and uniform surface without any steaks or color variations.

What makes Best Buy Kitchen Cabinet different?

The Thermofoil cabinet doors and accessories manufactured by Best Buy Kitchen Cabinet are prepared from the best quality MDF materials. Therefore, brilliant Thermofoil patterns are applied to those doors by using a number of technologies like profile wrapping, membrane pressing and roll coating. Unlike other manufacturer companies, our service is not limited to the Thermofoil colors.